Tax Advice

The focus during this meeting is to help you understand how to correctly fill-out your preliminary income declaration (Forskudsopgørelse) or make changes in your annual tax return (Årsopgørelse) as well as identify if you could have used some deductions in the previous years (2022, 2021 and so on) and the steps to follow upon getting those deductions;
Deductions you could be entitled for are:
Besides review of preliminary or annual tax card, I help with:

The meetings take place online where I share my screen so it’s easier to take you through every step. Depending on the complexity of the case the time for this meeting could vary. Price for 30 min is 559 DKK + VAT and for 1 hour is 759 DKK + VAT

please keep in mind that these rates are for non-self employed people. in need of combining tax advisories with accounting services, the rates might vary