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Metro Piling LTD.

Metro Piling is a CORR certified company with MHCA (Manitoba Heavy Construction Association)

About US

Based in Headingley, Manitoba Metro Piling ltd provides foundation drilling services. Supply and install of precast concrete piles, steel H piles, pipe piles, shoring sheet piling or H-piles with wood lagging in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta for commercial building projects, transmission powerlines, Cell towers. Holes for gas wells and bridges.

Our Services


Metro piling has the equipment and drills capable of drilling holes from 16” diameter up to 144” diameter to depths of over 100 ft...


If obstructions such as concrete or boulders are encountered no problem we have core barrels ranging in size...


We have casing in our yard of all diameters and lengths to case any holes that require sleeving to control water or sloughing if needed.

Pile driving

We have pile driving equipment equipped with hydraulic and diesel hammers and are capable of installing piles...

Pile cutter

We have hydraulic pile cutters capable of cutting concrete piles to elevations required and exposing strands.


We have equipment such as crane and, vibro for installation of steel sheet Piling or H-piles. Our vibro has biodegradable...

Low overhead or confined space drilling

Our hydraulic tescar drill rig can drill under low overhead or inside buildings and has the power and torque to drill big diameter holes or bells if required.

Spread bore piles or bells

If piles require spreadbore footings or bells we have bells ranging in size from 30” to 108” diameter.


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